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Primary teeth are replaced by the permanent teeth. These are not supposed to break however there are many circumstances that may lead to the loss of one or more of our natural teeth. Diseases as periodontitis, tooth decay or accidents may be dealt with by means of dental prostheses.

What is a dental prosthese?

Implants are an oral healthcare solution designed to replace missing teeth. They are an artificial replacement for the root of your natural tooth that, once placed in the jaw, bonds firmly with the sorrounding bone.

Aesthetic and functionality

Your smile will recover its harmony and chewing ability by having all the dental pieces.


The person who wears a dental prosthesis will not have to be thinking what he or she can and what is not.

Quality of life and well-being

Confidence and self-esteem will improve after placing a dental implant.
Dental prostheses offer several advantages, as well as the different options that we offer to replace the missing pieces.

Types of prosthesis

Depending on the patient and condition you can find two primary prosthesis types: .

Fixed prosthesis

Can be used implants, bridges or crowns, depending upon the patient characteristics.


Complete or partial dentures which allow the replacement of the missing dental pieces to avoid the complications with the remaining teeth. They pursue the replacement of the teeth that have been lost, so that no problems can occur with the rest of the teeth.

Protesis dental en alfaz del pi