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The habit of using a pacifier or thumb sucking are non-nutritive sucking habits, they are defined as the action that occurs almost instinctively from birth, therefore in the first months they are considered normal because they are associated with the need for emotional satisfaction and security , but its maintenance over time or years can damage the mouth of the little ones.
The suction must be exerted only for a certain period of time and then progressively extinguished as the first teeth appear. There are eminent sequelae after prolonged use (beyond 2 years) and malformations of the mouth and problems in the position of the teeth are related, that is, incorrect growth of the jaws, also causing cross bites, open bites and deviation of pieces. teeth, in addition to deep or narrow palates, there are also other factors that can be causes such as genetic predisposition.

That’s why moms and dads from our dental clinic invite you to leave your children’s pacifiers because the tooth fairy comes to pick them up and take them to the children who need it because now they are very small and they don’t have any and in exchange she will give you a gift for everyone to be happy.


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